The Cork Has Been Removed

Originally posted as a Facebook status on my personal page. I’ve been struggling. A lot. I have had a lot of circumstances playing out in my life the last few years that have been enormously challenging on my mental health. Loved ones in crisis. Some of the pieces I’ve alluded to here in long posts. Other pieces are public knowledge… Read more →

Acute Opiate Intoxication

This isn’t something I talk about all that often and have rarely (if ever) posted about it. I have discussed it a little in comment threads. I’ve always worried discussing it in public would hurt or embarrass family members. That it wasn’t really *my* story to tell…but the truth is it’s more my story to tell than almost anyone else… Read more →

The Unschool Bus Moves On

It’s 10:07pm. I’m in Portsmouth (NH) at my office, working: printing photos and now writing. At least one kiddo is home, another at a friend’s house and the third at his own home about three hours away. Jeff, my love, is near Manchester on the side a roadway changing the oil and working on our old friend, the Unschool Bus. Although, that’s not… Read more →


I’m experiencing a awakening. The nature of it being immensely difficult to describe. As I write thunder cracks outside, light flashes behind the curtains of the bus and rain rattles atop the metal roof. Given my fear of lightning it all seems eerily fitting, perfect really, and the writing -oh so- necessary. That green dot. That’s me. Right now. I’m agnostic: neither an atheist nor a believer. Although, admittedly, I am spiritually… Read more →

The Underground Classroom: How Oppressive Laws are Forcing Families into Hiding

It’s been less than six months since we bought (and converted) our bus and barely three months since we hit the road full-time. Yet in those six months (this academic year – so far) one or all of my kids have… watched and participated in the conversion of a retired public school bus into a full-time home ~complete with four bedrooms, full kitchen,… Read more →

The Perfect Pair

Originally posted on Kelly Halldorson Uncensored – original photos have been removed and/or replaced. ………………………………… I have wanted to write about this for a year now but I’ve been too overcome with emotion to actually sit down and do it. There was also the fact that part of me wasn’t convinced things were going to work out. The last thing… Read more →