Pets are NOT Children My aunt gets a pass on this one well because I love her. THE REST OF YOU GET A LIFE!!

This was originally posted in my first ever blog. I wrote as myself for Seacoast Online a local (to NH) newspaper conglomerate. It was the number one blog on the site for the duration I wrote for them. And it’s traffic far surpassed the rest… often tripling the amount of views. For that I was proud. For the content… I’m pretty embarrassed. HAHA.

The writing too. It’s well… has some issues. So, I’ve corrected the obvious ones and added these photos of my little dogs. I was such a jerk. And, *clearly* I don’t feel the same way now.

Enjoy. HAHA.


Posted by Kelly Halldorson at October 27, 2005 09:28 PM:

This is a pet peeve of mine. (no pun intended, really) It drives me crazy when adults go on about their pets as if they were children but it REALLY irks me when they refer to them as children. They aren’t!! THEY ARE ANIMALS!!

I used to work for this couple. They had no children but they did have a dog, a little fluffy dog. They would cook extra meat every night and feed the dog at the table with them. Yes, you read that right. We’re not just talkin’ chicken here either, we’re talking filet minion, salmon and any other expensive dish you can think of.

Extreme example, I suppose but I’ll tell you I can’t count how many times I’ve heard some pet owner say something like, “they’re just like children” or “he’s my baby, I can’t leave him”.

Then there are the people that let dogs sit on their laps while they are driving or the women that carry their little dogs around in “snuglies”. If it says no dogs, it means no dogs! You should not get a pass just because you are carrying the creature in a purse. LET THE DOG STAY HOME!!

It’s not only dogs. People are like this about cats too. (God know what else) Maybe they don’t bring them everywhere but they buy them extravagant collars and meals. Then talk about how they hate to leave them because well, you know how it is. They are just like children and can’t be left alone.

Really? Cats? They are one of the most independent pets out there. Just leave them some food, water, a litter box and a cozy place to sleep and they’re fine for days.